Virtual cards vs Physical cards

This article will give you a brief overview of the key differences between our Virtual Cards and Physical Cards

Thinking between getting a Virtual Card or Physical Card? Have a look at our comparison below!

Virtual Cards

Our Virtual Cards are coloured Green and accessible only via the Swipey App. To learn how to access your Virtual Card, click here

What you can use your Virtual Card for:

  • Online Debit/Credit Card Purchases for Apps, Services, e-Commerce and other online transaction payments

Physical Cards

Our Physical cards are coloured Blue. If you are on our Start-Up, Growth or Plus Plans, you will have access to our Physical Cards. For more details of the Plans mentioned, click here

What you can use our Physical Cards for:

  • Online Debit/Credit Card Purchases for Apps/Services
  • Retail Purchases for F&B, Groceries, Transport, and any Visa merchant that accepts card payments
  • Chip and PIN + VISA PayWave methods supported

Note: For your first in-store payment, please use chip and PIN method to activate the PayWave functionalities.

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